UCI Track Cycling World Championships

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are the set of world championship events for the various disciplines and distances in track cycling. They are regulated by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Before 1900, they were administered by the UCI's predecessor, the International Cycling Association (ICA).

Current events include: time trial (Kilometre for Men, 500m for Women), Keirin, 4Km Individual Pursuit, 4Km Team Pursuit, Points Race, Scratch Race, Sprint, Team Sprint, Omnium and Madison. 

World championships were first held in 1893, in Chicago, under the ICA. They were for amateurs. Separate professional races were held from 1895, in Cologne. Amateurs and professionals competed in separate events until 1993, after which they raced together in "open" races. Championships are open to riders selected by their national cycling association. They compete in the colours of their country.

The winner of ICA championships received a gold medal. The UCI awards a gold medal and a rainbow jersey to the winner. Silver and bronze medals are awarded to the second and third place contestants. World champions wear their rainbow jersey until the following year's championship, but they may wear it only in the type of event in which they won it. Former champions can wear rainbow cuffs to their everyday jerseys.

World track championships are allocated to different countries each year. They are run by that country's national cycling association, although the top referees (President of the Commissaire's panel - PCP, Secretary, Starter, and Judge Referee) are International Commissaires appointed by the UCI.

2020 Event - Berlin, Germany, Coming Soon

2019 Event - 27th February - 3rd March 2019 - Pruszków, Poland 
Results - Click Here  Video - Click Here 

2018 Event - 28th February - 4th March 2018 - Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Results - Click Here  Video - Click Here 

2017 Event
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