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Minoura LiveRide LR541 Trainer, the most powerful MAG trainer on the market today. The LiveRide LR541 generates 640 watts and is 40% stronger than Gyro V270 trainer.

The LiveRide 960 uses "Advanced Magturbo Technology" (AMT) with it's flywheel weighing in at 2.0 kgs but performs as if it's 35% heavier (2.7 kgs when it spins).

The Liveride uses unique U-leg frame with each leg being adjustable independently so providing a perfect stable trainer on any floor surface or ground condition.

The twin neodymium magnets delivering an amazing 640 watts of resistance at 25mph, thats 40% more resistance than it's nearest competitor.

13 levels of resistance is delivered via the urethane control knob with an amazing range of resistance (High = hill climbing, to Low = spinning).

Wide and stable U-leg frame design

Individual leg height adjustment

Foldable for easy transportation and storage

Power Adjustability: 13 levels (via shifter)
Flywheel: Machined steel, 2.0 kgs (actual) / 2.7 kgs (virtual)

Usable Tyre Size Range: 24 inch “ 700 x 40c
Wheel Hub Width: 120 “ 145mm
Dimensions: W 680 x D 530 x H 400mm

Net Weight: 8.9 kgs
Max Load: 120 kgs (including bike)

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