BKOOL Turbo Trainer with Velodrome Simulator

BKOOL Turbo Trainer with Velodrome Simulator
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BKOOL Turbo Trainer Velodrome Simulator has been updated and includes software that gives an even more refined experience. The new BKOOL has extendable legs providing an extremely stable ride, and it is also much quieter in operation than the previous model. It has been made lighter for when you need to move it around the house and you can still ramp it up to 1,200 watts.

The software is now also PC, MAC and IPAD compatible. There are now over 500,000 routes available to ride so you never have to ride the same route twice. There are more and more real course routes being added all the time, already in the hundreds and the visuals have been improved with smoother and more realistic video playback, plus a new 3D mode where images are created as you ride, for example on the track in a velodrome.

Road Cycling UK - "Having chosen to ride Alpe d'Huez on the Bkool, I can safely say that it gives you a painful reminder of how difficult the climb is"

BKOOL is the only company to have launched facilities such as this on a home trainer. 

You can ride with upto 100 friends in multiplayer mode and create and participate in leagues with other people. To top it off you can now listen to music via Spotify whilst riding and chat to other friends if required as well!

BKOOL has the most advanced cycling simulator in home training.
• Use your outdoor routes on your home trainer
• Share your outdoor rides and indoor sessions with friends
• Compete with other BKOOL users
• Power output display, cadence and auto resistance
• 1000's of streaming videos including Vuelta, TDF and Giro Stages!

BKOOL will change how you work out

  • 3D Velodrome mode - Overtaking, Speed, Drafting and all the realsim of a professional track.
  • Videos - Enjoy riding along a coastline, a video upload from another user or Giro, TDF Stage.
  • Compete in a legue - There are 100's of leagues to join where you can see your raking against others, or you can create your own.
  • Take on other individuals with similar traits - If your a good climber, race against another.
  • A powerful analysis platform calculates and stores all your session data.
  • Voice chat if you want to talk to the person your racing or someone else in the group.
  • Import your own routes from your commute, a race you did or a weekend ride.   

The BKool trainer has variable resistance, power and cadence output and is connected to your laptop using the supplied USB ANT+ dongle. The dongle is also compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors. The BSim software runs on your PC/MAC to display/record your sessions and alter resistance. BSim software is free to download from Bkool.com. At the end of each session your data is uploaded to your personal profile on Bkool.com.

Outdoor - BKOOL App on Your Smartphone
• Record your ride data including speed, distance, altitude, route map, calories,
calculated power.
• The data uploads to your personal profile on BKool.com
• You can view and analyse the ride data and share it with friends
• Use your outdoor ride data to create and indoor trainer session
The BKool App runs on your smartphone and records your outdoor ride speed, distance, altitude and maps your route. The BKool app is available free for Android and Apple. At the end of your ride the data is sent to your Bkool.com profile. Alternatively you can upload ride data from your GPS cycle computer to BKool.com.  You can access your data and track your performance anytime, then share it with friends. Using Bkool.com and the smartphone apps is absolutely free so even riders without a BKool trainer can share and views their sessions with others.

Online - Your rides and session data saved on BKool.com (1)
• Create your personal profile (Free - £6.50/month pricing and features below)
• Have your own friends, training calender, groups and leagues
• Create home training sessions
• Create automatically personalised training plans
• Choose from over 80 video sessions
• Download fitness tests
• View and analyse in detail your outdoor and indoor training data
• Post rides, sessions and communicate with friends on your wall
• Compete with yourself and others using live multiplayer or recorded
• Set-up or take-part in leagues on your club’s favourite local climb
• Fully customisable privacy settings
BKool.com is the hub of the system storing all your data and sessions so they can be accessed by you anywhere in the world. Simply login into your profile online, on the Bkool app on your phone or on BSim running on any laptop. From BKool.com you can share your indoor and outdoor rides and performances, compete, test yourself and analyse every session in detail.

Compatible with Windows and MAC.

1.Create your BKOOL Profile

2.Downlaod B-Sim here

3.Subscription link on BKOOL site

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