Track Cycling in Korea

With Track Cycling becoming ever more popular why not travel down to your local velodrome and give Track Cycling a try. If you are based in Korea we can help you to introduce your family to the sport and share the enjoyment of what truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Changwon Family Dome, Changwon
Chuncheon Velodrome, Chuncheon
Daegu Velodrome, Daegu
Daejeon Velodrome, Daejeon
Eumseong Velodrome, Eumseong
Geumjeong Sports Park Velodrome, Busan
Gwangmyeong Speedomm Gwangmyeong
Incheon Velodrome, Incheon
Jeonju Velodrome, Jeonju
Korean Cycle Race Training Centre (250m), Yeongju
Korean Cycle Race Training Centre (333m), Yeongju
Naju Velodrome, Naju
Seoul Olympic Park Velodrome, Seoul
Uijeongbu Velodrome, Uijeongbu

More information about Track Cycling in Korea can be found on the Korea Cycling website -