Track Cycling in Italy

With Track Cycling becoming ever more popular why not travel down to your local velodrome and give Track Cycling a try. If you are based in Italy we can help you to introduce your family to the sport and share the enjoyment of what truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Montichiari Velodrome, Montichiari : Click Here for More Information

Built in 2010 for the UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships, the Montichiari Velodrome is quickly becoming one of the best Track Cycling facilities in Europe.

Alessandro Fantini Velodrome, Lanciano
Avezzano Communal Velodrome, Avezzano
Carlini Stadium, Genova / Genoa
Corrado Ardizzoni Velodrome, Cento
Dalmine Communal Velodrome, Dalmine
Don Mauro Bartolini Velodrome, Monticelli
Enzo Sacchi Velodrome, Firenze / Florence
Ernesto Solvay Velodrome, San Carlo
Fiera Milano (6-day only), Milano / Milan
Forano Communal Velodrome, Forano
Giuliano Pacciarelli Velodrome, Fiorenzuola d’Arda
Glauco Servadei Velodrome, Forlì
Lello Simeone Velodrome, Barletta
Luigi Ganna Velodrome, Masnago
Mainetti Private Velodrome, Castelgomberto
Marco Pantani Velodrome, Castel Mella
Monti Velodrome, Padova
Mori Communal Velodrome, Mori
Noto Communal Velodrome, Noto
Oppido Lucano Communal Velodrome, Oppido Lucano
Ottavio Bottecchia Velodrome, Pordenone Paolo Borsellino Velodrome, Palermo
Parco Nord Velodrome, Milano
Pier Giovanni Mecchia Velodrome, Portogruaro
Pierino Baffi Velodrome, Crema
Pietro Francone Velodrome, San Francesco al Campo
Quartu Sant’Elena Communal Velodrome, Quartu Sant’Elena
Rino Mercante Stadium, Bassano del Grappa
Roberto Battaglia Communal Velodrome, Busto Garolfo
San Giovanni Communal Velodrome, San Giovanni al Natisone
San Lorenzo Velodrome, Pescantina
Sossano Communal Velodrome, Sossano
Tonino Benelli Communal Stadium, Pesaro
Velodrome of the Pines, Porto Viro
Velodrome of the Sea, Andora
Vincenzo Capone Velodrome, Marcianise

More information about Track Cycling in Italy can be found on the Italian Cycling website -