Track Cycling in France

With Track Cycling becoming ever more popular why not travel down to your local velodrome and give Track Cycling a try. If you are based in France we can help you to introduce your family to the sport and share the enjoyment of what truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Bordeaux Lac Velodrome, Bordeaux : Click Here for More Information

Bordeaux Velodrome was the host of the 1998 UCI Track Cycling World Championships and is still France's main indoor 250m velodrome.

Costebelle Velodrome, Hyeres : Click Here for More Information

Costebelle Velodrome in Hyeres is a partially covered velodrome in the south of France that is still the most popular facility in country.

Abel Floch Velodrome, Quimper
Acacias Velodrome, Champagnolles
Aim Constant Velodrome, Vitrolles
Albert Chichery Velodrome, Le Blanc
Alenon Velodrome, Alenon
Alliers Velodrome, Angoulme
Alphonse Gesset Stadium, Saint-Amand-Montrond
AME Velodrome, Montargis
Antonin Magne Velodrome, Grand Couronne
Arcachon Velodrome, Arcachon
Aulnay-sous-Bois Velodrome, Aulnay-sous-Bois
Auxerre Velodrome, Auxerre
Bel Air Stadium Velodrome, Saint-Pierre-dron
Bellevue Velodrome, Saintes
Betbeze Velodrome, Damazan
Bourail Velodrome, Nessadiou (Nouvelle Caledonie)
Brest-Ponant-Iroise Velodrome, Plouzane
Briare Velodrome, Briare
Bruay-la-Buissi're Velodrome, Bruay-la-Buissi're
Champ-Fleuri Velodrome, Saint-Denis (La R'union)
Champagne sur Seine Velodrome, Champagne sur Seine
Chapiteau Velodrome, Grand-Synthe
Charles Charriau Velodrome, Marans
Ch'ateaubriant Municipal Velodrome, Ch'ateaubriant
Ch'atellerault Orchard Cycle Ring, Ch'atellerault
Ch'ane Vert Velodrome, Tarbes
Commandant Bougouin Stadium, Rennes
Deauville Velodrome, Deauville
Eddy Merckx Velodrome, Mourenx
Emmanuel Frin Velodrome, Pl'lan-le-Grand
Eybens-Grenoble Velodrome, Eybens
Fanch Fav' Velodrome, Lesneven
Fernand Guizelin Velodrome, Senlis
Foix Velodrome, Foix
Gabriel Babin Velodrome, Voh (Nouvelle Caledonie)
Gaston G'rard Sports Park, Dijon
Georges Gille Velodrome, St. Malo
Georges Lambrakis Velodrome, Le Port (La R'union)
Georges Paillard Velodrome, Noyant-la-Gravoy're
Gourde Liane Velodrome, Baie-Mahault (Guadeloupe)
Grand-Pressigny Velodrome, Le Grand-Pressigny
Grenoble Sports Palace (6-day only), Grenoble
Guipavas Velodrome, Guipavas
Hautepierre Velodrome, Strasbourg
Henri Caresmel Velodrome, Loud'ac
Henri Desgrange Stadium, La Roche-sur-Yon
Henri M'rillac Velodrome, Issoudun
Henri Robin Stadium Velodrome, Rochefort
Isidore Thivrier Municipal Stadium, Commentry
Jacques Anquetil Velodrome, St. Omer
Jacques Prigent Velodrome, Pordic
Jean Alric Stadium, Aurillac
Jean Jaur's Velodrome, Equeurdreville-Hainneville
Jean Loustau Velodrome, Mont de Marsan
Jo Sellin Stadium, Melgven
Joel Couillard Velodrome, Descartes
Joseph Lombard Velodrome, Cavaillon
Jules Ferry Sports Complex, Bressuire
La Cipale (Jaques Anquetil) Velodrome, Charenton-le-Pont
Ladhof Velodrome, Colmar
Lanester Velodrome, Lanester
Le Crouzet Velodrome, Viviez
Le Mans Velodrome, Le Mans
Le Neubourg Velodrome, Le Neubourg
Les Olives Velodrome, Marseille
Lisieux Velodrome, Lisieux
Loudun Velodrome, Loudun
Louis Riquet Velodrome, Branoux les Taillades
Luis Ocana / Jacques Anquetil Velodrome, Aire sur l'Adour
Lurcy-L'vis Velodrome, Lurcy-L'vis
Manehouarn Estate Velodrome, Plouay
Marc Berthelon Velodrome, Montceau-les-Mines
Marcel Dassault Park, Beauvais
Marcel de la Provt' Velodrome, Coueron
Marcel Jamme Velodrome, Agnieux (nr. St.-Lo)
Maurice Delaunay Velodrome, La Rochelle
Maurice Garin Velodrome, Lens
M'ons Sports Park, Saint-Etienne
Montesquieu Velodrome, Angers
Motz Seyssel Velodrome, Chateaufort
Muret Velodrome, Muret
National Institute of Sport & PE (INSEP), Bois de Vincennes
Omer Beaugendre Velodrome, Salbris
Paron Velodrome, Foug'res
Paul Moreau Sports Complex, Bras-Panon (La R'union)
Pays de Vannes Velodrome, Vannes
P'pini're Sports Complex, Poitiers
Petit-Breton Velodrome, Nantes
Philippe Marcombes Velodrome, Clermont-Ferrand
Pierre Tessier Velodrome, Blois
Pierre Tollini Velodrome, Commercy
Pirae Velodrome, Papeete (Polyn'sie fran'§aise)
Plouasne Municipal Velodrome, Plouasne
Port-de-Bouc Velodrome, Port-de-Bouc
Quintin Municipal Velodrome, Quintin
Renaz' Municipal Velodrome, Renaz'
Ren' Laroche Velodrome, Lun'ville
Roger Salengro Stadium, Creil
Roubaix Velodrome, Roubaix
Saint-Denis Municipal Velodrome, Saint-Denis
Saint-Denis-de-l'H'´tel Velodrome, Saint-Denis-de-l'H'´tel
Saint-Jean-d'Ang'ly Velodrome, Saint-Jean-d'Ang'ly
Saint-Quentin Velodrome, Saint-Quentin
Sapiac Stadium, Montauban
Seyssins Velodrome, Seyssins
Socquence Velodrome, Le Havre
Tete d'Or (Georges Pr'v'ral) Velodrome, Lyon
Venoix Stadium, Caen
Villemur-sur-Tarn Velodrome, Villemur-sur-Tarn
Yves Berthevas Velodrome, Cl'der

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