Track Cycling in Germany

With Track Cycling becoming ever more popular why not travel down to your local velodrome and give Track Cycling a try. If you are based in Germany we can help you to introduce your family to the sport and share the enjoyment of what truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Cottbus Sport Centre Velodrome, Cottbus: Click Here for More Information

Despite being a partially covered velodrome, the Cottbus Sport Centre Velodrome in Cottbus is the most popular Track Cycling facility in Germany.

Albert Richter Velodrome, Koln / Cologne
Alfred Rosch Velodrome, Leipzig
Andreasried Velodrome, Erfurt
Augsburg Velodrome, Augsburg
AWD Dome (6-day only), Bremen
Barnsdorfer Strasse Velodrome, Dresden
Bielefeld Velodrome, Bielefeld
Bocholt Velodrome, Bocholt
Chemnitz Sportforum Velodrome, Chemnitz
Dudenhofen Velodrome, Dudenhofen
Eichwaldstadion Velodrome, Schopp
Forst Velodrome, Forst
Frankfurt Oderland Hall, Frankfurt an den Oder
Fredersdorf Velodrome, Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf
Friesenheim Velodrome, Friesenheim
Genthin-Altenplathow Cycle Track, Genthin
Gera Velodrome, Gera
Hanns Martin Schleyer Hall, Stuttgart
Haayloch Velodrome, Haayloch
Heidenau Velodrome, Heidenau
Hessen Cycle Sport Centre, Darmstadt
Hildesheim Velodrome, Hildesheim
Isar Cycle Stadium, Niederparing
Kaarst-Bagttgen Sportforum, Bagttgen
Linkenheim Velodrome, Linkenheim
Mannheim Velodrome, Mannheim
Merseburg Velodrome, Merseburg
Munich Olympic Hall (6-day only), Magnchen / Munich
Nordhausen Velodrome, Nordhausen
Oberhausen Velodrome, Oberhausen
A–schelbronn Cycle Stadium, A–schelbronn
Reichelsdorfer Keller Velodrome, Nagrnberg
Rostock Velodrome, Rostock
Schanzenberg Velodrome, Saarbragcken
Schaneberg Velodrome (site of), Berlin
Singen Velodrome, Singen
Solingen Velodrome, Solingen
Stellingen Velodrome, Hamburg
Velodrom (Landsberger Allee), Berlin
Weiayensee Velodrome (site of), Berlin
Westfalen Hall (6-day only), Dortmund
Waglfel Velodromem Hannover / Hanover

More information about Track Cycling in Germany can be found on the Germany Cycling website -