Track Cycling in Asia

With Track Cycling becoming ever more popular why not travel down to your local velodrome and give Track Cycling a try. If you are based in Asia we can help you to introduce your family to the sport and share the enjoyment of what truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Click the links below for more information
Velodrome of the Republic, Baku - Azerbaijan
Bikaner Velodrome, Bikaner - India
Imphal Velodrome, Imphal - India
Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi - India
Jabalpur Velodrome, Jabalpur - India
Jaipur Velodrome, Jaipur - India
Lakshmibai NCPE Velodrome, Trivandrum - India
Netaji Subhas NIS Velodrome, Patiala - India
Punjab Agricultural Uni. Velodrome, Ludhiana - India
Punjabi University Velodrome, Patiala - India
Rajiv Gandhi Velodrome, Port Blair - India
Rupnath Brahma Velodrome, Tepesia - India
SAAP Osmania University Velodrome, Hyderabad - India
Yamuna Velodrome, New Delhi - India
Azadi Velodrome, Teheran - Iran
Mashhad Velodrome, Mashhad - Iran
Tabriz Velodrome, Tabriz - Iran
Kutai Kartanegara Nat. Games Velodrome, Tenggarong Seberang - Indonesia
Manahan Stadium Complex Velodrome, Surakarta - Indonesia
Munaip Saleh (Cisangkan) Velodrome, Cimahi - Indonesia
Rawamangun Velodrome, Jakarta - Indonesia
Sawojajar Velodrome, Malang - Indonesia
Sudiang Sports Complex Velodrome, Makassar - Indonesia
Alma Ata Velodrome, Alma Ata - Kazakhstan
Republic of Kazakhstan Velodrome, Astana - Kazakhstan
Temirtau Velodrome, Temirtau - Kazakhstan
Cheras Velodrome, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Rakyat Velodrome, Ipoh - Malaysia
Gulberg Velodrome, Lahore - Pakistan
Zayed Velodrome, Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Ao Feng Velodrome, Taichung, Chinese Taipei - Taiwan
Hsinchu Velodrome, Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei - Taiwan
Nantzu Velodrome, Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei - Taiwan
Tainan Velodrome, Tainan, Chinese Taipei - Taiwan
Chiang Mai Velodrome, Chiang Mai - Thailand
HM the King’s 80th Anniversary SC, Nakhon Ratchasima - Thailand
Huamark Velodrome, Bangkok - Thailand
Suphan Buri Velodrome, Suphan Buri - Thailand
Balikesir Ataturk Stadium, Balikesir - Turkey
Konya Ataturk Stadium, Konya - Turkey