Mavic iO Track Wheel

Mavic iO Track Wheel
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Mavic iO Front Five Spoke Track Wheel, the best Front Wheel currently available for Track Cycling as demonstrated by every professional Track Cyclist using this product.

Updated for the 2016 Rio Olympics, the new 2018 Mavic iO builds upon the success of previous versions to offer Track Cyclists the fastest front wheel that has ever been produced.

Let your riding benefit from the incredible gains witnessed at the 2016 Rio Olympics thanks to a four millimetre increase in rim width Mavic experienced a huge increase in stiffness and were thus able to further improve the world's best wheel with superior aerodynamics.  The distance between the legendary iO Spokes has also changed, the original tapered from 70mm at the rim to 80mm deep at the hub. The new edition is thinner, tapering from 50mm to 60mm, and they also get a new truncated NACA profile. The result is an average 25 watts savings! 

The was first used at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, the iO is the international reference on the track. Stiff beyond belief, its five aircraft wing shaped spokes reduce wind resistance and provide excellent rigidity. This wheel has won more than eighty percent of the medals on all the cycle-racing tracks in the world.

The convex lenticular body of the Mavic iO Front Five Spoke Track Wheel provides exceptional aerodynamics with excellent rolling efficiency and superior rigidity for perfect power transmission.

Countless alternative solutions are available for a lower price but the quality of the Mavic iO in comparison to other brands speaks for itself, after all every single World Championship and Olympic Title in recent memory has been won using this product.

If the Mavic iO Front Five Spoke Track Wheel can have such an impact on the professional scene, imagine the benefits it will provide for your Track Cycling.

Type: Tubular
Hubs: Mavic iO, Adjustable Cartridge Bearings (QRM+)
Spokes: Carbon Aero Bladed - 5 Front
Version: 2018
Warranty: Two Year Standard, Optional Three Year with Mavic Care

Weight: 750g (Front)

Includes Front Wheel, Track Wheel Nuts, Valve Extender, Wheel Bag and Manual

Fixie/Singlespeed Use
This wheel is intended for use in Track Cycling on a Velodrome or Outdoor Track.

Grass Track Cycling Use
These wheels are intended for use in Track Cycling on a Velodrome or Outdoor Track and are not suitable for Grass Track Cycling.

MAVIC products are only available for customers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Middle East region. If you are outside of this area you will not be able to order this product.

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