Halo Aerotrack Wheels

Halo Aerotrack Wheels
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Halo Aerotrack Wheels from Velodrome Shop use the outstanding Halo (120mm width) track hubs and precision built together using 32 reliable plain 14gauge spokes combined with the Halo Aerotrack Mid size Aero road rim.

Tested by the couriers and track riders of the world, our Track Series has seen some of the hardest testing there is to offer. Rivals, side streets and traffic are no match for our Track Series.

Our Aerotrack wheels are as at home on the track as they are on the congested streets.

Built with a single coloured*, aerodynamic, 14mm internally and 19.5mm external, wide rim the Aerotrack wheel can take daily abuse without issue due to their sturdy construction.

Spinning on our legendary TK with Japanese sealed bearings, various rear drive options and lightweight drilled axles, the Aerotrack wheels are not only offer longevity, but great value and low weights.

Light and strong with an attractive mid size 27mm Aero section.

1 front and many rear options.

As usual, all Halo wheels will be individually boxed.

Front : 900g
Rear: 956

Type: Clincher
Chainline: Standard Axle Spacing - 42mm Chainline

Front: Aero road rim on Halo Track SB Front hub, 32H
Fix-G/Fixed Rear: 27mm deep non brake surface rim on Halo FW-G Track SB hub, 32H Fix-G/Fixed
Fix-G/Fix-G Rear: 27mm deep non brake surface rim on Halo Fix-G Track SB hub, 32H Fix-G/Fix-G
Fixed/Fixed Rear: 27mm deep non brake surface rim on Halo Track SB hub, 32H Fixed/Fixed
Fixed/Freewheel Rear: 27mm deep non brake surface rim on Halo Track SB hub, 32H Fixed/Freewheel

Sprocket Thread (Required) -  
ISO 1.375" x 24 tpi
Lockring Thread (Required/Not Included): Standard (English/ISO) 1.29x24T

Fix-G Hubs
The Fix-G side of the Hub requires the Halo Fat Foot Cogs - Click Here with a HG Spline, these are available separately and not included with the wheel. The alternate side of the hub has the normal fixed thread.

Includes Front or Rear Wheel, Track Wheel Nuts

Fixie/Singlespeed Use
This wheelset can be used for both Track Cycling on a Velodrome or Outdoor Track or Fixie/Singlespeed Bikes as the hubs have sealed bearings and the rims have a dedicated braking surface.

Grass Track Cycling Use
This wheelset can be used for Grass Track Cycling, we recommend you use traditional width (25mm and over) Grass Track Cycling Tyres for the optimum setup.

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