FFWD F6T Tubular Wheelset

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FFWD F6T Tubular Wheelset are full carbon Track Wheels with 90mm deep DARC profile rims and Spaim CX-Ray Spokes

Both F9T and F6T track wheels feature the same rim profile, making them ideal to combine. The F9T is the ultimate high speed track wheel set for races and training.

Like all laced wheels, the track wheels are hand built at our facility in The Netherlands. The track wheels are built with high polish FFWD track hubs and laced with Sapim CXRay spokes.

With 60mm deep carbon rims and our DARCTM Technology the FFWD F9T for track is a super stiff wheel set which can be used in all disciplines of track racing. Being an all-round set the F9T is seen often in six day races.

Lightweight Track Wheelset
60mm FFWD DARC Profile
Superstiff High Tensile TC35 Carbon
FFWD decals under clear coat
FFWD track hubs
Only available in Tubular version

Weight: 1650 gram
Sapim CX-RAY Spokes
aero blade (0.9*2.3mm)
high fatigue-resistance
Brass nipples
Hand built in The Netherlands 

Comes with exclusive wheel bags, valve extensions & lock ring

Type: Tubular
Sprocket Thread (Required) -  ISO 1.375" x 24 tpi
Lockring (Supplied): Standard (English/ISO) 1.29x24T
Chainline: Standard Axle Spacing - 42mm Chainline

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