Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Pista

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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Pista Matches perfectly to the Ghibli™ disc wheel to make an extremely competitive and race-winning combination. The two wheels work well together for all of the track disciplines involving group activity such as the points race, Madison, Elimination and Scratch thanks to the extreme lightweight of both the disc wheel (perhaps the lightest available) as well as the Bora™ Ultra™ 80’s 705 grams.

This spoked wheel allows for extreme agility, continuous relaunches and quick changes of direction… making it an excellent choice for certain disciplines on the track. The Bora™ Ultra™ 80 track version brings Bora™ performance to the track and with it, Campagnolo results. Previously well known for climbing mountains and crushing time trials on the road, the Pista version of the Bora™ will be sure to climb podiums and crush records on the wooden boards of the track.

Tubular, 705g

Includes Front Wheel, Campagnolo Wheel Bag

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