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The SRM Science Track PowerMeter was designed to be the pinnacle of precise power measurement in the sport of track cycling. Track cycling has always been a focus for SRM, due to the detailed nature of specific training intervals as well as the close timing of competition to the thousandth of a second. In Track cycling 1 watt truly matters between victory and missing the podium!

Reinforced to allow for sprinting forces up to 4000 watts, the SRM Science Track is built to measure the most extreme forces, as well as the most subtle changes in a cyclist’s pedal stroke. Capable of accepting multiple chainring sizes without need for recalibration. 

Crank:  165mm

Chainline: Standard 42mm Chainline


Chainring BCD (Required/Not Included): 144BCD
Chainring Gauge (Required Chain Size): 1/8th 

Bottom Bracket (Included):  Shimano Dura Ace FC7710 Track Bottom Bracket or Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket (Please specify your preference)

Weight:  931g 

Accuracy:  ±0,5% (8 strain gauges)


SRM Wireless Powermeter, Cranks, Chainring Holder, Speed sensor, Cadence sensor

Shimano Bottom Bracket

Software, Manual, Multi charger 110/220V, USB download cable

Optional (Select from Menu) - SRM PowerControl8 Bike Computer, Handlebar clip, Heartrate belt

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