Track Hubs

Track Hubs
A Hub is the middle part of a wheel, to which the inside ends of the spokes attach. A hub consists of an axle, which attaches to the forkends; a shell, to which the spokes attach, and bearings to connect the axle to the shell, permitting the shell to revolve around the axle. In the case of a rear hub, the shell would also have a provision for attaching the rear sprocket(s).

Track Cycling Hubs are available in the following formats:

Single Side Fixed Hub - Only one side of the hub/wheel has thread for mounting a sprocket

Double Sided Fixed/Fixed Hub - Both sides of the hub/wheel have thread for mounting a sprocket, can be referred to as a flip-flop hub/wheel

Double Sided Fixed/Freewheel Hub - One side of the hub/wheel has a fixed thread for mounting a track sprocket, the other side has freewheel thread for mounting a single speed sprocket, can be referred to as a flip-flop hub/wheel.

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