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Introducing the finest aerodynamic performance the road has ever seen! the 2020 POC Ventral Spin Helmet welcomes the expert opinion of professional riders and has been thoroughly tested in the WATTS Lab to ensure speed, safety and high-end ventilation.

Digging deep into their extensive knowledge and working with the Cannondale – drapac Pro Cycling Team to create what will certainly set the benchmark for road helmets, POC have gone all out with the Ventral Spin. Sporting a unique design to shred time off your personal best, this stylish lid leads air through the head rather than around it to reduce wake and boost your aerodynamic performance. There is the inclusion of airflow zones to create a range of different pressure points, increasing airflow and speed which delivers air around the head more efficiently. Known as the Venturi effect, your next ride is certain to be one of the coolest ones yet.

With their high-end ventilation improving performance and comfort, it is fair to say the Ventral Spin Helmet really is one of the finest forms of protection on the market. Keeping you free from sweat and the build-up of odours, it also allows for residual air to travel over and around the lid. This is an impressive ability that is controlled by the aerodynamically optimised trailing edge to help limit turbulence, generating a longer linear airflow off both rider and helmet. Helping to add another dimension of raw speed to your ride, breaking up the road and saying goodbye to the peloton will leave you in the perfect position come the big sprint finish.

Unrivalled Safety

It’s not just speed that graces your ride when partnering with the Ventral Spin. Unlike many competitors who deploy the MIPS protection system, POC have created their own added layer of safety, a patent-pending rotational impact protection system known as SPIN. Reducing the effects of an oblique fall by limiting the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain, the Ventral also uses innovative and unique pad technology to make this the safest ride you have ever had. Sitting comfortably on your head to shear in each and every direction during impact, SPIN pads provide the ultimate form of protection, moving with the head during any unexpected falls. With the direct force transmitted to the head during falls reduced, POC have inspired your trip with supreme confidence.

Lightweight Comfort

Offering a helmet so lightweight you’re bound to forget it’s on your head, the Ventral Spin sports a fully wrapped unibody shell construction and an EPS liner for optimised weight and safety. Not leaving a single stone unturned in their quest for greatness, POC’s lightweight adjustment system and ergonomic precision strap allow you to customise your fitting on the go. Should the sun start to shine, there is also a new eye garage for glasses.


  • Unique aerodynamic design optimised with CFD testing for enhanced aerodynamic performance and minimal air turbulence
  • Accelerated airflow zones, inspired by the venturi effect, to reduce fluid drag
  • Extreme cooling and ventilation due to innovative airflow design
  • Features POC’s patent pending rotational impact protection system, SPIN
  • High-performance EPS liner with targeted and optimised density to provide the ideal balance of low weight and crash protection
  • Fully wrapped unibody shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity
  • Lightweight size adjustment system for a personalised fit
  • Easily adjustable precision straps moulded into the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety
  • Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet
  • Used and preferred by Cannondale – drapac Pro Cycling Team
  • Small: 50-56cm
  • Medium: 54-60cm
  • Large: 56-62cm / 205g

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