Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS Cycling Helmet

Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS Cycling Helmet
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The Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS Cycling Helmetprovides an answer to the age-old dilemma of ventilation versus aerodynamics, in addition this one has added MIPS an industry leading safety technology

The MIPS patent was developed by some of the world's leading researchers in biomechanics and neuroscience

MIPS is setting a new standard for helmet safety

The secret behind MIPS patent comes from the study of the human brain

The brain is surrounded by a low-friction cushion of cerebrospinal fluid

MIPS imitates the brain's way of protecting itself by giving the helmet its own low-friction layer between the outer shell and the liner

In the event of a crash this layer absorbs much of the energy created by a blow to the head

The combination of the brain's own protection and MIPS enables maximum protection for the rider

With its narrow shape and closed shell it is a seriously aerodynamic helmet but a quick adjustment to the Airslide system turns it into a helmet with sufficient ventilation to tackle climbs on hot days

With four available sizes, the Bullet helmet will provide you with a snug fit and a helmet that is well fitting. This in turn creates a narrow shape with a small frontal area, creating the drop like shape of the helmet

In combination with the closed shell, this creates the aerodynamic performance to make the Bullet into a sprint helmet

When ventilation is required, the Airslide system can be utilized to open up the front of the helmet and create an airflow throughout with exhaust vents at the rea

When ventilation is of lesser importance, the entire Airslide system can be exchanged for a fully closed cap, creating an even more aerodynamic version of the helmet

Fast like a bullet, it's the perfect combination of aerodynamics and ventilation, whenever you need it!

Size Guide

Small - 52-56cm
Medium - 55-59cm
Large - 58-61cm

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