Casco Speed Time Pursuit
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The Casco Speed Time Pursuit is the specialist pursuit version of the legendary Casco Speed Time helmet. 

Casco’s designers have not only been able to provide cyclists with superior protection, they have also reached new levels in technological development for cycling helmets following in-depth motion studies at Audi’s wind tunnel facilities in Germany.

Results from Thermal testing at Audi’s new climatic wind tunnel allowed Casco to optimise the ventilation systems of the helmet ensuring that riders do not overheat whilst using the Warp Speed, making the helmet suitable for all types of Time Trials and Triathlons. Users of this helmet also include Wheelchair athletes and speed skaters.

The visor is also completely mirrored/tinted to act as a replacement for sunglasses and protect your vision from ultra-violet sunlight with UV400 protection, camera flash and other sudden changes in light. The Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare technology also aids in preventing any disturbance to vision. Another advantage is that the mirror tint of the visor means your competitors can not see your eyes which helps you to keep that poker face and disguise any clues as to what you are thinking or your current condition.

The product meets the regulation of the European Directive for personal protection equipment so meets the CE and EN 1078 standards as it was tested under the European Standard for bicycle helmets which also includes helmets for Inline skating & skateboards. This helmet is also CPSC certified for use in the USA and Pan-American region.

Use the Casco Speed Time Pursuit in time trial based events such as the Team Sprint, 200m Time Trial, 500m Time Trial, Kilometre Time Trial and endurance time trials such as the Individual and Team Pursuit. The helmet is also suitable for us on the Road in Time Trial and Triathlon events.

  • Sizes: 55-61 cm = uni

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