Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Women's Cycling Shoes

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Your feet should only be treated to the best. That is what Sidi thought when releasing the Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Women's Road Shoe. Sidi has been used by multiple road and track World Champion Giorgia Bronzini as well as many other of the world's top female cyclists. So whether you are looking to be the next Bronzini or just want a stylish, cutting edge pair of road shoes, look no further than the Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Women's Road Shoes.

Sidi’s top of the range shoe is a replacement for the excellent Ergo 3. It could have been quite easy for Sidi to have just renamed their latest offering but they did not sit on their laurels and instead made some major changes to make a lighter and more user-friendly follow-up. Compared to the Ergo 3’s the Wire is 60 grams lighter, due in part to a 38g lighter sole. This carbon and vented sole is very similar to the Ergo 3 sole but has now been engineered to be even stiffer. The recently launched Sidi Vent Carbon Sole allows for impressive levels of airflow, keeping your feet at the ideal temperature. The vent closure system is a technological gem, allowing you to open and close the vent depending on how warm your feet feel. This makes it a versatile shoe to use throughout the year, whether in the depths of winter or heat of summer.

Comfort and durability transfer across from the Ergo 3, with replacement heel and new for the Wire a replaceable toe and vent cover, making this a great investment and a shoe that will last you for years. The sole has also been specifically designed for a women’s foot and so creates a perfect cradle for high comfort and performance.

As if that was not enough, Sidi has developed a new closure system, the Techno 3 Buckle®, innovative and easier to operate than previous systems, the Techno 3 provides easy adjustment when riding. A light press of both buttons releases the buckle, whilst using the toggle allows for millimetre precise tightening over the whole foot evenly, preventing pressure points. Ideal if you want to feel that extra secure feeling, as you ready yourself for a sprint. Of course, with all Sidi products, it is both serviceable and replaceable.

The Adjustable Heel Security System®, or HSS as it is more commonly known, has been a mainstay of many Sidi products for over five years. Giving the rider even more, adjustment options with a neat Allen key opening and closure system. This prevents heel rub and the shoe slipping, meaning you will feel confident you are putting all of your effort through the pedals.

A lorica micro fibre construction gives a top quality finish, is water repellent, quick drying and breathable. In addition padding to the tongue and instep, allow for high levels of comfort, even when the shoe is ramped up tight.

Specially designed sole for a women's foot shape

Narrower across the ball of the foot

Less volume, on the instep area and a narrower heel cup

Women with wider feet, such as runners, may experience better fit with SIDI men’s regular width shoes


Vernice Microfibre


Vent Carbon Sole

  • 60 grams lighter, per pair, compared to Ergo 3
  • Soft Instep 3
  • Tecno-3 System
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device
  • Sidi Heel Cup
  • Replaceable heel and toe pads

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