Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Track Pedals

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The clipless track pedal is finally here. The era of straps, a far cry from what the ever-evolving science of aerodynamics suggests, is over.

The pedal of choice of the majority of professional Track Cyclists.

The KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC Track Edition brings the numerous advantages and especially the carbon blade that have already proven their worth on the road, to the wooden boards of the velodrome.

The pedal offers the reassuring feeling of security of a strap thanks to a control roller that adjusts pedal opening, and also triggers the release of the foot in the event of a fall.

Spindle material - Chromoly +
Spindle Bearings - Ceramic
Technology - Blade
Body material - Carbon
Platform area - 700 mm2
Platform width - 67 mm
Q Factor - 53 mm
Retention Serial installed in 16 - With track control roller
Cleats - KEO Cleat
Blade - Carbon

Pedal Weight - 121 gr
Pedals + cleats Weight - 310 gr
Stack height + cleats - 14,8 mm (8,5 + 6,3 mm)

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