Exustar E-PR107TK Track Pedals/Straps

Velodrome Shop


A common problem for Track Cyclists is that no off-the-shelf solution is available that features Toe Straps and standard Look style pedals. Consequently we joined forces with Exustar to bring you a Look Keo based pedal that would solve this problem.

The end product is a Track Cycling Pedal Kit called the Exustar E-PR107TK which uses the incredibly strong and durable Steel Exustar PR107 pedals and a special bolt-on Steel metal attachment.

The metal attachment is specifically designed to allow you to secure and thread Double Laminated Leather Toe Straps through the holes and around your foot, allowing you to lock yourself firmly into the pedals without the risk of pulling a foot out with disastrous consequences.

The pedal system is based around the Look Keo system so you can use your existing Look Keo cleat/shoe setup with the pedals. The setup comes with a complimentary set of Exustar Cleats (Look Keo) that further secure your feet safely into the pedals.

Track Cyclists have been crying out for a product like the Exustar E-PR107TK for years and now Velodrome Shop have used their expertise in Track Cycling to work with a manufacturer such as Exustar and bring such a product to the market.

UPGRADED - The pedals have now been upgraded to Full Steel Construction, making the Exustar E-PR107TK Pedals the STRONGEST Pedal available for Track Cycling!!!

Includes Pedals, Cleats, Straps and Adapter, the Pedals can be used as either SPD/Straps or Keo/Straps, you need to unscrew the method you do not wish to use and fit the EMM-190 adapter to this side

Exustar E-PR107 TK Pedals
Dual binding (EPS-R), Steel body and Durable triple bearings
Axle CNC-machined Cr-Mo (cartridge).
Bearings LSL bushing, sealed & needle.
Binding Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, tension adjustable.
Colour - Black (not silver as pictured)
Weight 180 g/pc

Cleats - Exustar Look Keo Replica
Anti-slip layer
Mode Floating - Red/Yellow (not as pictured)
Material Engineering thermoplastic / TPU plastic
Compatibility Look System
23 g/pc

Velodrome Shop Double Toe Straps
Classic style high quality laminated leather double toe straps in black, brown or white with strong steel buckle.