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Track Cycling Mitts are an essential item for all Track Cyclists looking to take part in a public training session or amateur race on a velodrome.

Comfortable short fingered mitts with anti-slip leather palm with gripping, constructed from hard wearing material to protect your hands with towelling around the thumb area.

Thick shock absorbing padding with mesh breathable layer to keep your hands cool and prevent injury to hands in the event of a crash.

Easy pull on with Velcro fastening for quick installation onto hands.

How do I know if the gloves fit?
To determine your glove size, wrap a measuring tape around your hand just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb), and make a fist. This measurement is your hand width glove size. Use the chart below as a guide, but if you're in between sizes, go with the smaller size as they size on the big side.

S: Under 200 mm
M: 200-229 mm
L: 229-248 mm
XL: Over 250mm

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