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Originally designed for the French team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the new Look R96 Track frame is the new Look Frame for the Track Cycling events at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It is the ultimate Track Cycling frame technology.

R for Rio, the best Track frame that money can buy!

The frame was designed to support the brutal accelerations and incredible power output that riders such as Gregory Bauge from the French Track Cycling team output.

This is guaranteed by the monocoque construction which helps to maintain the rigidity of the frame, especially around the bottom bracket which is sunk into the carbon.

The rigidity of the frame is further increased by the Chainstays which are connected to the Bottom Bracket, unlike other frames used in the professional circuit the Chainstays wrap around the circumference of the bottom bracket to further strengthen what is traditionally the weakest area on a Track Bike.

The fork offers a new design that again improves its lateral rigidity and the aerodynamic co-efficient of the air around the frame.

The aerodynamics of the Look R96 have been measured at the Magny-Cours wind tunnel, within the former home of the French Formula One Grand Prix.

The improvement in aerodynamics combined with a lighter frame and fork creates a frame that performs significantly better, as is demonstrated by the performances of the professional riders using this frame.

- Ultra Max Carbon VHM Tubes
- Monocoque BB and Chainstays Connection
- Offset Fork for CX and Exceptional Stability
- Extremely Rigid
- 50hrs of hand fabrication
- The pinnacle of Track Bike Design

Carbon Type “ VHM
Fork Offset conforms to EN1478 Standards
Lugs integrated monobloc sub-assemblies
Bottom Bracket “ BSA Length 68mm
Seatpost “ Collar fixing type Elliptical Shape
Headset “ Specific for an offset headset sold with the frame
Dropouts “ Rear Aluminium Track type
Sizes “ XXSmall XSmall, Small and Medium
Frame Weight “ 1700g
Fork Weight “ 640g (Includes Headset)

SPEED VERSION - Includes Frame, Fork, Headset, Seatpost, Crankset
DOES NOT Include - Wheels, Saddle, Chainring, Tyres, Sprocket, Pedals
Optional Extra - Handlebars, Stem

WARRANTY - 5yr Frame and Fork, 1yr Paint and Finish “ Non Transferrable

HANDMADE - Another incredible fact about the Look R96 track frame is that every single frame is hand-built to order, production time is eight to ten weeks. Place your order online and we will email you a custom measurement form.

COLOUR - The standard Look R96 Colour is as per the product image, Black.

Different types of carbon fibre are used to make the fork: HR, IM and HM in order to obtain the best compromise between stiffness, flexibility and handling, whilst controlling the weight of the fork, which remains below the 500 gm limit.

The frontal / lateral stiffness ration has been developed to gain steering accuracy. The fork is offset for an exceptional air penetration coefficient and LOOK has worked on all aspects to have the best aerodynamic sections within the 3:1 ratio imposed by the UCI. LOOK has also developed a new interface with the stem permitting continuous adjustment without loss of stiffness. Available in 3 sizes and 2 dropout offsets to retain identical behaviour in all sizes.

LOOK uses high-pressure compressed carbon technology to optimise the mechanical resistance without losing stiffness. A new system (LOOK patent) permits continuous angular adjustment by friction cone so as to have the finest height adjustment whatever the stem length. The stem cap is completely integrated to conserve the aerodynamic qualities. Available in 18 sizes, from 55 mm to 140 mm every 5 mm.

LOOK handlebars specially developed for the track contributing to improving the bicycle's global aerodynamics by using profiled sections and an extremely small drop. The stem is thus positioned in the continuation of the flow.

The saddle clamp is completely integrated and continuous up to the saddle rails to permit continuity of the seat tube stiffness. The system includes an extremely stiff very high-pressure compressed carbon head. Customised position: very accurate height (+/- 7 mm using spacers) and offset adjustments. Finally the angular adjustment is independent of the saddle clamping and is possible using a fine pitch screw situated in front of the forged head.

Look now produces a track version of its already famous ZED cransket. The first 100% single-piece carbon cransket for the track, exclusively available with the 496 Frame it is the lightest one in this discipline: only 420gr.

Its light weight conceals formidable rigidity; the carbon composition was reviewed to optimise the rigidity and the pedalling efficiency. The design was rethought for better penetration of the air.

Equipped with the three-lobe technology, it allows obtaining several pedal crank lengths by turning a nut (Size 1 : 165 / 167.5 / 170 mm - Size 2 : 172.5 / 175 / 177.5mm). It fits into a BB65 for still more aerodynamic properties and rigidity.


Look L96

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