Track Clinchers

Track Clinchers
Clincher Tyres require the use of an inner tube in order to retain air pressure of the tyre. Perfectly suited to all types of Cycling despite the benefits of using Tubular tyres, Clincher Tyres are by far the most popular type of cycling tyres. Any Tyres specified in our Track Clinchers section are suitable to use on any track in the world.

For indoor velodromes you do not require tread/grip on your tyres as if you apply enough pressure on the pedals you will not slip on the banking, a slick tyre has sufficient grip and is all that is required. The Vittoria Diamante Pro Light and Vittoria Pista Evo are suitable examples. Dual Compound tyres, i.e. those with a coloured walls and a black centre are not suitable for indoor tracks due to them lacking grip where the coloured sections join.

For Outdoor velodromes slick tyres are perfectly fine, especially as most come with a high-puncture resistance factor, however you may wish switch to a tyre with a light tread such as the Vittoria Zaffiro and Vittoria Pista CS in order to give you a more durable and grippy tyre for outdoor use.

Further Information about Clincher Tyres can be found in our Track Cycling Knowledge Base by clicking here