Track Chainrings

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Track Chainrings
Track Cycling Chainrings engage the chain to transfer power to the rear wheel. They have teeth spaced to engage every link of the chain as it passes over. An important measurement to consider is BCD this refers to the Bolt Circle Diameter of a Track Cycling Chainring/Chainset, in order to ensure a chainring fits your Track Cycling Chainset you need to make sure the BCD match on both items. Our website clearly states the BCD for each Chainset and Chainring.

Finally you need to consider the Chainring Gauge of either 1/8" (3.18 mm) or 3/32" (2.38 mm) the latter of which is now almost obsolete, this measurement needs to be consistent across your Chain, Sprocket and Chainring

Further Information about Track Cycling Gearing can be found in our Track Cycling Knowledge Base by clicking here