Profile Design Aeria Ultimate Aerobar System

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The focus of the Aeria Ultimate system was to achieve aerodynamics through fit

At over 40,000 available positions we nearly doubled what our closest competitor is offering with the Aeria Ultimate

Reach steps in 7.5mm increments with a range of -91 to -8.5 fore-aft

A range of 82.5mm is more than double that of the first generation Aeria, while the 7.5mm steps halve the increment between positions

We've lowered the stack of the bar by 7mm compared to the first generation Aeria, while adding the capability to tilt the extensions/pads by up to 15 degrees

Combined with the Aeria Ultimate stem we have achieved the same low stack as systems that employ complicated under mount bracket assemblies

The pad width options show another view of the extensive and detailed adjustment consistency

Using F40 armrests allowed us to maximize stiffness in all set-up positions of our fit footprint

The bolt pattern allows the armrest bolts to be mounted in tandem or side-by-side allowing maximum adjustability plus retro-fits between other Profile Design brackets

Aeria Ultimate uses T4 carbon extensions

The high-performance shallow ski-bend extension is crafted from pre-preg carbon fibre and offers a single neutral wrist angle with a low extension height for better aerodynamics

The Aeria Ultimate bracket delivers multiple performance benefits with a simple and secure in-line extension clamp, 0-15 tilt adjustment with stackable risers and a stable armrest platform

The bracket platform and bolt positions maintain our previously established bolt spacing and allow retro-fits for any existing Profile Design armrest, or upgrade to previous Aeria systems Risers mate to the bracket and wing and are stackable in 5mm increments

The recessed groove on the trailing edge allows for clean electronic cable routing and the ability for stack changes without needing to remove or re-cable electronic shifting

The stabilizing bridge also is compatible with our J5 BTA bottle mount - making for a simple and adaptable hydration placement

The wing bar is designed for both mechanical and electronic internal cable routing; the engineered cable window in the centre clamp allows for clean and simple cable routing into the frame without any aerodynamic penalties

System weight with Aeria Ultimate stem is approx. 885g

Track version is supplied with 70mm Aeria Stem

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