Notio Aerometer
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The Notio calculates your aerodynamic coefficient and on-bike performance in real-time so you can ride further and faster.

Welcome to the world’s first on-bike wind tunnel technology. Calculate your aerodynamic coefficient and performance in real time to find the speed you never knew you had.

Simply attach the Notio to your bike and use the Notio app to view the performance data.

The Notio app turns speed into a science. It breaks speed down into facts and figures giving you the techniques and technologies to find your perfect riding sweet spot.

Optimising your position & equipment, Notio calculates aerodynamic drag in real time allowing you to optimize your riding position aerodynamically in actual conditions.

Important - The Notio needs a power meter and ANT+ speed sensor in order to work. The app is currently only available for Apple devices (phone & tablet) with iOS 11 and up.

What’s in the box?

Notio Unit
Micro USB Cable
Bar Fly 4 TT*
Bar Fly 4 Max*

Physical dimensions:

136mm x 88mm x 29mm

Weight :
80 g
2.82 onces

Battery life:
Rechargeable Li-Po
Up to 12 hours while recording

Integrated Sensors:
Pitot tube
3-Axis Accelerometer
3-Axis Gyroscope

BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy)

FCC compliant
CE compliant
IC compliant
ROHS compliant

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