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Revo is the first-ever aerobar to attach the basebar wing to the front of the grips instead of the back, literally changing aerobar design 180°.THIS INNOVATION:

  • makes it impossible for the rider’s hands to slide forwards off the grips, so it’s safer and easier to use at all times
  • gives better grip and handling on tough descents, rough roads and sketchy turns
  • is more aerodynamic — the basebar wing has a sharper angle of attack with the free air flow than standard basebars

Revo builds on 3T’s deep experience in carbon-fiber products and winning Olympic medals and World Tour heritage. The Revo has been tested by the BMC Racing Team, multiple world team trial champions.


The key to the Revo are the reverse grips, turning a century-old design on its head and introducing completely new levels of comfort and safety. The bullhorn basebar with the grips pointing forward can be found on any aerobar, but on tricky turns or with slippery hands, the grips are far from secure. With so much of the rider’s weight on the hands, it’s easy to slip forward and off the bars with potentially disastrous consequences.

It’s amazing it has taken this long for a manufacturer to realize that by reversing the design, putting the wing in front of the grips instead of behind, it acts as a natural barrier for the hands and stops them from ever slipping off. This improves safety and also the sense of control for the rider. Whether you’re a time trialist racing on a very humid day or a triathlete who has just emerged from the water, even the most slippery hands can now grip the bars securely without the risk of slipping off. And because we have changed the angle and position of the wing without moving the position of the grips, your body position will be the same as you’re used to when using conventional bullhorns.


Manufacturers and riders alike love to focus on features such as weight and aerodynamics. And we’re guilty as charged. But there is another feature that trumps everything yet is often ignored: fit. No matter how fast and light the aerobars are, none of that means anything if they cannot put you in the correct position for your own aerodynamics, comfort and power. That’s why we have designed the Revo to be the most adjustable aerobar available, so you can find that perfect position on any bike, every time. The Revo is adjustable in six ways.


Our commitment to aerodynamics means we don’t test for testing’s sake, we test to achieve speed in the real world. This means we design for and test at realistic speeds, in realistic conditions, with set-ups that mimic real life as appropriate.

When we did that for the Revo, we were happy to see our aerodynamic hypothesis confirmed. The slight drop of the grips result in a slightly bigger frontal area than a bullhorn bar, but on the plus side the angled wing improves the aspect ratio (the ratio between the thickness and the length of the wing as “seen” by the airflow) which should reduce the drag. In practice, these two effects balance each other out, meaning that the added safety and security of the Revo’s reverse grips can be enjoyed without any speed penalty. In short, the Revo combines the same speed with ultimate adjustability and safety. A true win-win-win.


Gerard Vroomen went straight from studying Mechanical Engineering (where his final year product was the design of an aerodynamic bicycle) to co-founding Cervélo together with Phil White. They built it into the premier road bike manufacturer through cutting-edge engineering and an endless stream of break-through products. The most aerodynamic triathlon and time trial bikes (and mulitple World Champion), the lightest bikes to race (and win) Paris-Roubaix (the world’s toughest Classic), the first frame under 700g and the entire aero road bike category sprung from their work.

After co-founding OPEN with Andy Kessler, Gerard has designed the world’s first sub-900g mountain bike frame (when nobody was even under 1,000g) and started the GravelPlus category, creating fast go-anywhere bikes by combining a road position and mountain bike tires.

Besides his continuing involvement in OPEN, Gerard is also a co-owner and Head of Design at 3T, where he is working on many new product designs.

CRADLE TYPE New comfort
CLAMP DIAMETER (mm) 31.8 (+0.1/0.2)
WIDTH (cm) C-C 40
PADS: Neoprene

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