Castelli Team Sky Free Aero R Bibshorts

Castelli Team Sky Free Aero R Bibshorts
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The Castelli designers studied and improved on every detail on this, the new Free Aero Race bib short. Every component of the Free: every fabric, every construction method, every stitch was appraised, considered, and redesigned in the pursuit of perfection.

The lines are still classic Free, but in fact only the mesh fabric in the bib straps carries over from last year. Every other component and aspect has been redesigned, obsessed over and rigorously tested until the designers were satisfied. The key updates are in the seat pad, the bib strap construction, the waistband construction, plus all-new fabrics, and pattern work that went through a vast amount of iterations until fit perfection was achieved. 

Obsession with comfort 

The new fabrics are all softer than the outgoing fabrics, especially the new softer surface fabric on the updated Progetto X2 chamois. The innovative double V construction on the front keeps everything in place without compressing your stomach. And Castelli engineered a new Carré yoke that makes the straps lie perfectly flat. 

Muscle Support and speed 

In re-engineering the Free Castelli took a look at blood flow, providing just the right muscle support without constricting. The revolutionary Giro Air leg band provides more stretch and distributes the compression over a larger area. The body of the short uses 30% Lycra® for excellent return. Aerodynamics was also considered, optimizing boundary-layer airflow with the Giro Air leg band and the dimples on the side fabric.

The wind tunnel says it saves 10 watts at 50 km/h, but you’ll probably want to go even faster because your aero advantage will only increase.

Progetto X2 Air Seatpad

Maximum technology for supreme comfort; The Progetto X2utilises ventilating perforations to keep you cooler and dryer on endurance road rides. The design allows air and moisture to flow directly to the surface fabric for quick evaporation. The shape of the pad has received minor updates based on pro feedback. The Progetto X2 Air seatpad is constructed in 3 layer components, each dedicated to a specific purpose to create the most comfortable seat pad on the planet.

  • 1. Skin care layer: A four-way stretch, microdenier, seamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric.
  • 2. Seamless integrated technology cushioning layer: Multi-density foam with infinitely variable thickness. The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort.
  • 3. Viscous comfort inserts: Perforated viscous padding is added under the highly sensitive ischial and perineum pressure areas.

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