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The Track Cycling Starting Gate has been designed and developed by Swiss Timing in collaboration with the UCI (International Cycling Union).

The system is used by Swiss Timing, and is homologated by the UCI for national and international competitions. It is used on all cycling events using velodrome halls and on cycling tracks such as Individual and Team Pursuit, 500 meters Time Trial, 1Km Time Trial and Team Sprint.

The Track Cycling Starting Gate may be used as a stand-alone training unit, where a pushbutton manually triggers the opening and closing of the actuators. When used in a pair, it is linked to the TRACKER pursuit clocks with a dedicated controller, providing a fully automated start sequence, and a perfect synchronisation of the opening of both gates.

Starting Gate


Article number : 3358.600
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1110 x 800 x 1000 mm
Weight : 60.2 kg
Service pressure : 4.5 to 6.0 bars
Supply pressure : 200 bars
Working temperature : 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature : -10 to +35°C
Protection : IP 51
Certification : and RoHS compliant


Recommended gas : N2 (nitrogen)
Bottle length : up to 70 cm
Diameter : up to 15 cm (recommended : 10 cm)
Bottle capacity : 2 to 10 litres (recommended : around 4 liters)
Fill pressure : 200 bars
Hose diameter : 5.5 mm internal / 8 mm external

Notes concerning the bottles

The choice of nitrogen is recommended for its auto-lubricating and anti-corrosive properties, thus protecting the actuators.

A bottle of 3.8 liters of N2 loaded at 200 bars and providing a service pressure of 4.5 bars allows more than 1600 start cycles
until a bottle refill is required.

You will require a Nitrogen Bottle and Regulator as these items are not supplied.