Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Cartridge Cups

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Cartridge Cups
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All of our threaded bottom bracket cups will fit onto any of our bottom bracket cartridges produced by Phil Wood since 1971.

They are an interference fit with the BB, and will require our proprietary Phil Wood BB installation tool to install. Cups will ship with a small tube of our retaining compound.

Our British and Italian anodized alloy cups are Teflon impregnated, providing compatibility and both aluminum and titanium bottom bracket shells. All our cups are made from either stainless steel or a high tensile strength aluminum bar.

Cutting taps used to produce the bottom bracket thread in both the frame and our cups leave microscopic hairs and cracks in the thread form. We hand polish our cup thread to all but eliminate galling between our cups and the bottom bracket thread.

We offer bottom bracket cups in these sizes:
BSA - British (1.370 x 24 tpi, RH/LH thread) in stainless steel and alloy
Italian (36mm x 24 tpi) in stainless steel and alloy
French (35mm x 1mm) in stainless steel and alloy 

Material: Stainless Steel or Alloy


You will require the following tools to install this product on your frame

• Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Tool

• Anti-Seize Compound - Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease or Park Tools ASC-1 - Anti-Seize Compound

• Lubricant - Weldtite TF2 Teflon Grease or Park Tools HPG-1 - High Performance Grease

Here is a video from the Global Cycling Network showing the process of installing a Square Taper Bottom Bracket and Chainset on a Track Frame, please note the video shows a Campagnolo Chainset as an example however the process is the same for all Square Taper Bottom Brackets and Chainsets. The video also shows a “dry-fit” with no grease or lubrication, you would obviously need to grease and lubricate all parts.

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