Sapim Sils Polyax Brass Nipples

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Sapim Sils Polyax Brass Nipples - 100 Pack

As with spokes, there is a nipple to suit to every wheel requirement. To decide which nipple is best, you must weigh up the available information:

Polyax Nipples

The rounded design of the Patented Polyax nipple head reduces the stresses produced by axial and lateral forces (inherent in wheels with low spoke counts and crossings). Polyax nipples re-align themselves within a rim hole up to 9 degrees in a radial direction and 6 deg in an axial direction, making for a much superior fit. 

Sapim makes nipples in nickel plated brass and in aluminium. All nipples are forged.

Arguments in favour of a brass nipple are price and rigidity. The strength/weight ratio is the principal argument for a 7075 alloy nipple. They are both superior to all other makes. Anodized coloured alloy nipples will help guard against corrosion as well as look great.

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