Halo Hex Key Skewers

Halo Hex Key Skewers
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Anodised Alloy end cover and nut with Cr-Mo threaded rod using an Allen type Hex key fitting. Lightweight, sleek and an ideal upgrade for improved security “ as there's no QR lever.

The Nut features a steel Halo no-turn tab, making doing up these Skewers and releasing them a lot easier than trying to hold the nut from spinning at the time.
(15x3mm cone spanner recess cut into nut, just in case the tab cannot operate)

Cr-Mo rods.
Black anodised Alloy end cover and nut.
Steel No-Turn tabbed nut.
Serrated alloy frame grip surfaces.
15mm cone spanner holding back-up on nut.
Black, Gold. Blue, Green, Red, Purple anodised or White Powdercoated.

(Standard or Extra Long sizes available);

Standard Size;
Maximum dropout capacity;
Front (100mm); 6.0mm thick
Rear (130mm) ; 9.0mm thick
Rear (135mm) ; 6.5mm thick

Extra Long 
Maximum dropout capacity;
Front (100mm); 11.0mm thick
Rear (135mm) ; 10.0mm thick. 

Torque setting: 7nm

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