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The Tacx Antares Training Rollers are Tacx's revolutionary contribution to the new found popularity of track racing. Their design is state of the art; thanks to the conical rollers your ride will be extra stable. With the Antares you can now focus even more on your goals in training: improve your fitness and pedal stroke and reinforce your sense of equilibrium at the same time.

The major advantage is that you can ride freely, you have the feeling of riding outdoors. The Antares makes indoor cycling true to life with its position which is exactly as it would be on the road and on the track.

You can cycle freely on these streamlined rollers and refine your coordination and technique in doing so. The heavy-duty tapered rollers ensure that it is almost impossible to ride off the machine. Very high concentration on steering is required when riding without a brace; it reinforces your sense of balance. The Antares is collapsible and measures only 80 cm when collapsed, making it easy to carry. These tough rollers are ideal for track riders who often want to warm up just before the contest.

The concept of rollers is quite old. It is how indoor training for cyclists started out. In 1972 Tacx BV launched the manufacturing process of its first rollers. This later turned out to be a stroke of genius. Many people who own a sports or racing bicycle want to stay fit, even in winter. Over time three models were developed: Rollertrack, Sporttrack and Ecotrack.

But then rear wheel trainers came along, pushing the original rollers into the background. These trainers allow you to train your power. But rollers feature training benefits that no other trainer can even come close to procuring. Things like improving your pedal stroke, balance, suppleness and focusing on your steering abilities.

The people at Tacx have adapted their program and choose to focus on one single model rollers that combines everything and fits perfectly in our day and age in terms of design. The Antares rollers feature a sturdy, dynamic and streamlined design and a number of exceptional properties such as conical rolls and collapsibility. That is why many riders chose Antares.

-Heavy, connical rollers for optimal mass and moment of inertia
-Profiled rollers make it easier to ride
-Very smooth action
-Sliding frame for easy transportation
-Noise Level: Ultra Quiet
-PC Required: No

The world's best trackies always travel with their Antares. ˜˜The Antares is a mobile training station'', says Peter Schep. Top riders like Leon van Bon, Danny Stam, Michael Morkov, Alex Rasmussen and Marianne Vos have grown so attached to their Tacx rollers, that they cannot stand to be without them anymore In training they use the Antares to maintain speed and suppleness, weapons of choice for track riders.

The Antares is extremely suitable to maintain your speed at a very high level'', tells us Michael Morkov. ˜˜You are able to attain a very high pedalling frequency, and that is just what your legs need.'' Peter Schep's story is similar. ˜˜You can easily ride at 130, 140 rpm on Antares. It's a very efficient way to maintain track rhythm and keeping your muscles supple.

Marianne Vos thinks that the Antares constitutes the perfect rollers for such specific work outs. ˜˜When I really want to work on my speed and ride at very high rpm's, I use these rollers. It's impossible to do this on the road, and even at the track you'll need a derny to do it.

They all use the Antares for their warm-up sessions before races. During World Championships and six day races the black and blue Tacx rollers can be found all around the velodrome. Peter Schep not only uses the rollers to warm up, but also to cool down. ˜˜Especially in spring, when temperatures are quite low, it is mush better to spin your legs indoors, at room temperature, when you come back from a training ride on the road. The rollers are an excellent tool for warming-up and cooling-down.''

The Antares are also very helpful to work on your sense of balance", adds Leon van Bon. ˜˜I was not one to fall off quickly to begin with, I'm pretty skilful, but my apprehension has even diminished now. Antares is a very enjoyable piece of equipment.'' Danny Stam's experience is comparable. ˜˜On the previous models, with straight rolls, you could ride off the rollers when you would lose your focus for a moment. The new shape of the Antares has greatly diminished that risk.

Marianne Vos says that riders can save their strength this way. ˜˜Thanks to the rollers' conical shape you need not concentrate as much to ride them. It is very easy to stay in the centre, saving some of your energy for more important moments to come.''

Danny Stam also likes the fact that the bike is not attached to the rollers. ˜˜The way you move is 100% natural. Your pedal strokes keep coming from your hips, just like you do it on the road or track.''

None of the top track riders want to be separated from their mobile rollers. Michael Morkov tells us he is ˜very impressed' with the Antares. ˜˜I have used a great deal of other training aids. But Tacx has given the rollers a whole new appearance.''

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