Minoura FG220 Hybrid Rollers

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Minoura’s direct fork mount bring new innovation to the trainer market again. Using double diameter 80mm rollers at the rear, the FG220  removes the need for height adjustment of the roller, replacing QR skewers and also drastically reduces the noise from knobbly tyres which makes it ideal for CX bikes. Side to side movement and a 0-10% height adjustment on the fork mount allows for much more realistic riding compared to a fixed rear wheel trainer.

• 7 levels of remote resistance

• Generates 350 watt power at 35km/h

• Foldable and lightweight for easy storage and transport

• Compatible with front QR or 15mm thru axle

• Compatible with any rear axles

• 0-10% height adjustment at fork mount

• Twin rear 80mm rollers

• Reduced noise for knobbly tyres, ideal for CX training!

• Live Training compatible

• Optional Carry Bag available

• Live Training Compatible

(Wahoo Dongle and ANT+ sensors available separately)

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