Bottom Brackets come in a variety of sizes, types and tapers, each manufacturer clearly specifies which Bottom Bracket type would be compatible with their Chainsets and details are included in the product descriptions on our website so this makes choosing the right BB easy. The manufacturer's guidelines will also provide you with the correct chainline based on a standard rear hub width, so it is important to follow these recommendations in terms of size/type, however you can obviously choose a different brand should this be desirable.

The main issue should be with the thread on your frames BB Shell (where the BB connects to the frame), this will either be BSA (British thread) or Italian thread, BSA is 68mm standard whereas Italian is 70mm but again check the manufacturers guidelines for your frame and product descriptions on our website for the frame bb shell type and bb type.

Powerspline Bottom Brackets

Powerspline is SRAM's version of the ISIS Drive Splined Bottom Bracket, it is only compatible with SRAM Chainsets that require the Powerspline interface and no splined variation.