Stronglight Ceramic External Bottom Bracket Cups

Stronglight Ceramic External Bottom Bracket Cups
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Stronglight Ceramic External Bottom Bracket Cups, external/outboard bottom bracket suitable for chainsets with an integrated axle.

Ceramic bearings are more chemically resistant and can be used in wet environments where steel bearings would rust. Higher hardness means that they are much less susceptible to wear and can offer more than triple lifetimes. They also deform less under load meaning they have less contact with the bearing retainer walls and can roll faster.

100% compatible with Shimano or SRAM/Truvativ chainsets.
Fits BSA 68mm Shells
Anodized black aluminium cups.
Ceramic bearings.
Weight: 95g.


You will require the following tools to install this product on your frame

• 8mm Allen Key/Hex Tool Velodrome Shop Large Allen Key

• Anti-Seize Compound - Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease

• Lubricant - Weldtite TF2 Teflon Grease

• Outboard Bottom Bracket Tool Velodrome Shop Hollowtech-GXP Bottom Bracket Tool

The following video is an excellent video from Park Tools showing the process of installing a Outboard Bottom Brackets and Chainsets on a Road Frame. The processes shown are identical to those used on a Track Frame, with the exception that you will not need a mallet to hammer the chainset into place, so the video is a very useful guide. Park Tools are listed here on our website