BBB Bottomthread Outboard Bottom Bracket

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BBB Bottomthread Outboard Bottom Bracket an excellent value press fit Bottom Bracket from BBB available with oversized cartridge bearings for Road BSA 1.37”x24T or MTB BSA 1.37”x24T.

  • Oversized cartridge bearings
  • Die cast alloy and CNC machined external cups.
  • Composite center sleeve with double o-ring seals.
  • BSA threading
  • Fits 24 mm spindle cranksets.
  • Fits 68 and 73mm wide brackets.


You will require the following tools to install this product on your frame

• 8mm Allen Key/Hex Tool Velodrome Shop Large Allen Key

• Anti-Seize Compound - Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease

• Lubricant - Weldtite TF2 Teflon Grease

• Outboard Bottom Bracket Tool Velodrome Shop Hollowtech-GXP Bottom Bracket Tool

The following video is an excellent video from Park Tools showing the process of installing a Outboard Bottom Brackets and Chainsets on a Road Frame. The processes shown are identical to those used on a Track Frame, with the exception that you will not need a mallet to hammer the chainset into place, so the video is a very useful guide. 

Park Tools are listed here on our website

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