Velodrome Shop Spinning Bike Pedal Set

Velodrome Shop Spinning Bike Pedal Set
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Velodrome Shop


Velodrome Shop Spinning Bike Pedal Set, featuring ten pairs of pedals/toe straps, perfect for replacing the pedals on your fleet on spinning bikes.

Velodrome Shop Dual Purpose SPD Pedals, one side is equipped with an SPD compatible cleat system, the other side has got a normal flat platform. Allows the option of cycling wearing normal shoes or compatible cycling shoes depending on the type of ride

Aluminum pedal body with anti-slip pads.
CNC-machined Cromoly axle with sealed ball bearings.
SPD compatible shoe cleats included.
Platform: 108mm x 65mm.
Weight: 350g.
Colour: Silver/Black.

High quality, durable, quick release Nylon Velodrome Shop Toe Straps and Alloy Clips

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