Genetic Carbon Micro Fender

Genetic Carbon Micro Fender
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Riding in countries that have green landscapes usually means that there has to be some water around sometimes, you need the Genetic Carbon Micro Fender.

A lot of sportive road riders tell us that having a rear fender (mudguard) to stop the worst of the dirt from splattering your back from mildly damp roads and puddles would be great, if it was easy to fit, weighed almost nothing, made no noise and was hardly noticed when you looked at the bike.

Until now, finding such a fender wasn't easy but Genetic have produced the solution.

Carbon Micro Fender

Super-sleek: Stylish, minimalist, aerodynamic design.

Superlight: Only 72g.

High quality: Made using forged alloy, a Carbon Fibre shaft and Polycarbonate guard.

Efficient: The special underside profile effectively disperses the worst of the water and dirt away from the rider.

User friendly: Simple to fit, no noise, almost unnoticeable.

Compatible: 700x25C

Designed, patented and made in Taiwan for Genetic by Qbicle inc.

Primarily designed as a rear fender, this product can also be used on the front with extreme care- subject to adequate clearance.

CYCLIST magazine review:
"When you hear the word "mudguard", it's likely you think of something that's awkward to fit and rattles annoyingly while you ride. If so, you should take a look at this one from Genetic. The svelte Micro Fender weighs just 72g, thanks in part to its carbon arm. It fits directly onto the driveside of your quick release, and it can be installed in a matter of minutes with a single hex key".

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