Japanese Keirin

Keirin racing is one of the most popular sports in Japan due to it being one of the only sports the public are able to bet on. 
In 1957 the Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai (NJS) or Japanese Keirin Association (JKA) was founded to establish a uniform system of standards for the sport in Japan which is today regulated by the JKA. 

Aspiring professional keirin riders, the vast majority of which are Japanese, compete for entrance into the JKA Keirin School, however entry standards are that high that only ten percent of applicants are accepted.

Riders in the Keirin School then undergo a strict 15 hours per day training regime working towards graduation exams in order to be NJS approved and become eligible to participate in professional Keirin races in Japan. 

You can view results and watch racing live online via the below links

Hakodate Keirin  - Click Here
Aomori Keirin  - Click Here
Iwaki Keirin - Click Here
Yahiko Keirin  - Click Here
Maebashi Keirin - Click Here
Utsunomiya Keirin - Click Here
Omiya Keirin - Click Here
Seibuen Keirin - Click Here
Keio Keirin - Click Here
Matsudo Keirin - Click Here
Chiba Keirin - Click Here
Kawasaki Keirin - Click Here
Odawara Keirin - Click Here
Ito Keirin - Click Here
Shizuoka Keirin - Click Here
Nagoya Keirin - Click Here
Gifu Keirin - Click Here
Ogaki Keirin - Click Here
Toyohashi Keirin - Click Here
Matsusaka Keirin - Click Here
Fukui Keirin - Click Here
Nara Keirin - Click Here
Tomaruicho Keirin - Click Here
Wakayama Keirin - Click Here
Kishiwada Keirin - Click Here
Tamano Keirin - Click Here
Hiroshima Keirin - Click Here
Takamatsu Keirin - Click Here
Komatsushima Keirin - Click Here
Kochi Keirin - Click Here
Matsuyama Keirin - Click Here
Ogura Keirin - Click Here
Kurume Keirin - Click Here
Takeo Keirin - Click Here
Sasebo Keirin - Click Here
Beppu Keirin - Click Here
Kumamoto Keirin - Click Here

Japanese Keirin - International Riders 

Every year a selection of International Riders are invited to attend the Japanese Keirin School to undergo the same strict induction processes that the Japanese professional riders experience. If they graduate from the school they are able to race in the professional Keirin across Japan for the length of their contract, as determined by the JKA. Whilst the prize money on offer for each event is high, the International riders unfortunately do not have the chance to take home all of their winnings due to the high taxation inflicted upon them from various sources in addition to other factored in expenses meaning that they earn only a fraction of the large figures they 'win'. 

International Riders, as with all Riders also have to abide by strict censorship rules due to the risk of race fixing by gamblers. This means riders have no contact with the outside world during events, if for example they make online diary/blog entries during an event it has been known for riders to be thrown out of the JKA system.

You can view results from the International riders and watch live racing by clicking here