International Orders - Customs Duties

Established in 2007, Velodrome Shop is an experienced online retailer so we understand the concerns International Customers may have about ordering from a retailer outside of your country.

International Currency – 
We accept a number of international currencies, full details can be found here

International Shipping –
We ship to all countries, full details can be found here

International Returns Policy -
We accept returns from International Customers, full details can be found here

VAT/Tax Settings  -
VAT is a tax that you pay when you buy goods and services in the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom. Where VAT is payable it's normally included in the price of the goods or service you buy. Some goods don't attract VAT and countries outside of the European Union do not pay Tax/VAT, for more information click here.



If you are outside of the European Union customs duties may be applied to your order by your local Government

The customs classification on our standard shipment solutions is DAP -

DAP – Delivered At Place

This means that all customs/import duties are the responsibility of the customer, not Velodrome-STS Ltd. They are calculated by your local government and payable directly to them upon arrival of your order in your country. Most countries have a ‘Duty Free Import Limit’ and will only charge customs duties on items imported over a certain value.

You can calculate the customs/import duties that your order will incur via the following website - the customs product codes for cycling equipment is 8714.

We offer two shipment methods for all international customers –

Small Items - Royal  Mail

The customs category for this delivery method is DAP however as orders within this category are usually sent via Royal Mail, customs duties are rarely applied to orders by your local government.

Large Items - Bikes, Frames and Wheels Delivery  - DHL

The customs category for this delivery method is DAP. You will need to pay the delivery charge quoted on our website for your order. If you are outside of the European Union upon receipt of the parcel in your country you will be contacted by your local government to pay the customs duties on the parcel directly to your government.

It is also possible to shipment your order via DDP -

DDP – Delivered Duty Paid

This involves you paying Velodrome-STS Ltd the customs fees and then we manage the customs/import duties for you so that there will be no customs/import duties to pay when the order arrives in your country. For more information about this option please contact us