Overall Rating: 96.19%
Average Rating: 9.62/10
Huge selection of parts and very competitive price. Customer service really helpful and I got a super quick response
Seba, 23rd August 2021
bardzo zadowolony z mojego zamówienia i szybkiej dostawy
fincasa, 29th June 2020
Ordered some tyres, arrived next day with postman and delivery was free.

This is all despite the corona pandemic so top work guys!

Cycling is essential and thank you for keeping me riding.
Chris Vale, 2nd April 2020
quick delivry, happy
Nick Sheffield, 11th March 2020
Excellent just great. helped me with setup issues and constant back pain. New bars ordered with a different stem and already i can feel the difference. delivered next day for free.

so so happy
Neal Bush, 5th March 2020

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