Supplements for Women

We are often asked about the safety aspects of sports supplements and whether or not our products are suitable and safe for women's dietary needs. Sports supplements are increasingly becoming used by the mainstream, especially amongst women. Regular gym goers as well as those training for specific sports are increasingly seeing the benefits of using supplementation. Similarly, they are also used by elite female athletes and professional sports people all of whom are drug tested and who cannot afford to compromise in any way when it comes to their diet and nutrition. 

Women and sports supplements

It is simply not true that sports supplements are used purely by those wanting to gain muscle mass. The right product used in the right way can help to achieve goals of lean muscle or as part of a calorie controlled diet. A significant number of our customers are women who used both the health supplements as well as the sports supplements. And we don't need to offer you something repackaged in pink. We're quite sure that the last time you visited a restaurant you didn't ask for the women's menu.

What can you achieve with sports supplements?

Most people should be able to consume the right amount of nutrients from their diet to maintain general health. However, those who exercise on a regular basis will find that their nutritional requirements are greatly increased. Many people involved in intensive training find that they need to eat up to 6 to 8 meals on a daily basis to ensure that they get enough nutrients to recover effectively. Preparing this number of meals and finding the time to consume them often proves unrealistic. For this reason, many women now supplement their diet with sports supplements.