Disc Mount Fixed Sprocket

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Sprockets with a 6-bolt hole pattern, just like disc rotors, so you can attach them to hubs with disc rotor mounts for fixed-gear use.

Can also be used with a  Casettte Cog Carrier (available separately) which is Shimano-splined, and sandwiches a spline-less sprocket. This gives you a wide profile that won't damage your freehub

Disc Mount fixed cog, fits standard 6-bolt disc mount - 3/32" chain

Stuff you need (not included)
• A rear wheel with a Shimano-splined cassette freehub (fig 1)
• Cassette spacers & lockring
• Disc rotor bolts (optional)

• 3mm hex wrench
• Cassette lockring installation tool (see cassette hub manufacturer instructions)
• Torque wrench

Changing Cogs
• Remove the six bolts from the Cassette Cog Carrier (fig 2)
• Place the new cog in between the two sides of the carrier, carefully aligning the bolt holes (fig 3)
• Install the bolts with a 3mm hex wrench; alternately tighten the bolts in a star pattern to ensure even pressure (fig 4–5). Torque each bolt to 4–6 Nm

INSTALLATION of Cog & Carrier to Cassette HUB
• Determine your ideal chainline and install your cassette spacers accordingly
• Install the Cassette Cog Carrier (fig 6)
• Install the lockring per the manufacturer’s instructions

INSTALLATION of Cog TO 6-Bolt Disc Mount (fixed-gear only)
WARNING: Be certain to use disc brake rotor bolts and blue thread-locking compound to attach the cog to the 6-bolt rotor mounts.
WARNING: Fixed-gear configurations greatly increase the risk of chain breakage, derailment, or drivetrain failure. We strongly recommend the use of front and/or rear hand-brake systems with a fixed gear bike.
WARNING: Fixed-gear riding exerts great force and stress on the rotor bolts. Over time, they may become loose.

• Attach the cog to the 6-bolt disc interface with disc rotor bolts (not included)
• Tighten bolts in a star pattern to ensure even pressure
• Torque each rotor bolt to manufacturer specification

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