Surly Steamroller Track Bike

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The Surly Steamroller is designed to give you the ideal foundation for a pure and unadulterated fixed gear bicycle... you may think 'messenger', 'track', urban assault or coffee shop... or whatever... but make it your thing.

Sizes: 49, 53, 56 59 or 62cm

Frame: Double butted Surly Cro-Mo tubing
Forks: Traditional brazed Cr-Mo forks
Headset:Velodrome Shop Threaded

Full Bike Specification: In order to receive a full bike specification please navigate down the menus below the size selection option choosing the relevant component for your build. If you do not select an option for a specific component, for example Handlebars, these will either not be included with the frame or the first option on the menu will be selected by default. If you have any questions about the specification please contact us.

All items listed are compatible with this frame. If you have any questions about what component is right for your intended use or would like a component that is not listed please contact us as we are happy to assist.

All Track Cycling Bikes are assembled for velodrome use, however some Track Bikes are suitable for use on the road at your own risk and in accordance with the relevant rules for your country.

Weight: 7kg 


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