Fixed Gear Crit Racing

Criterium racing on Fixed Gear/Single Speed Track Bikes

Red Hook Crit is a criterium cycle race which has been held annually in Red Hook, Brooklyn since 2008. Red Hook races are also held in three European cities: Milan since 2010, Barcelonasince 2013, and at the Greenwich Peninsula, London since 2015. Since 2014, there have been separate men's and women's races Click Here

Other Fixed Gear Crit Events

Rad Race – Last Man Standing - Berlin, Germany Click Here
Criterium Fixie La Vall d’Uixo - Spain Click Here
SoCal Fixed Series – Martucci Crit - California, USA Click Here
Lambro Crit - Italy Click Here
The Switch Yard Crit - Dallas, USA Click Here
Circulo Verde Chasedown - Philippines Click Here
Melbourne Cycling League X Hunter Bros Cycling Fixed Crit - Melbourne, Australia Click Here

NL Crit Series – Rijswijk, Netherlands Click Here
Experimentum Crit - Italy Click Here
SoCal Fixed Series CBR - California, USA Click Here
NL Crit Series – Zwanenburg, Netherlands - Click Here
Les Boucles D’or Last Man/Woman Standing - Lyon, France Click Here
Thoro Crit Milano - Italy Click Here
NL Crit Series -Amsterdam Ortelius - Netherlands Click Here


Modern Market Criterium - Denver, USA - Click Here
NL Crit Series – Purmerplein Crit - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Click Here
Project Fixed – Ravens Criterium - Ravenna, Italy - Click Here
Last Man Standing Velopolis Mini 4 Crit - Grenoble, France - Click Here
1896 CMRR IV: Mani Invitational - Kardamyli, Greece - Click Here
Sfidare Crit - Kaizu, Japan - Click Here
Kölle – Fixedgear Crit - Koln, Germany - Click Here
A-Crit 5 - Antwerpen, Belgium - Click Here
NL Crit Series – Katendrecht - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Click Here
Grizzly Crit - Leipzig, Germany- Click Here
Copper State Crit Series - Phoenix, USA - Click Here

Thundercrit - London, UK- Click Here
NL Crit Series – Hammer Crit - Sittard, Netherlands - Click Here
Waterkant Krit - Hamburg, Germany - Click Here
Mr Porter Nocturne London - UK - Click Here
Hannover FXD Crit - Hannover, Germany - Click Here
Project Fixed – Rosti Criterium - Crespi, Italy - Click Here
Urbe Criterium Race - Rome, Italy - Click Here
NL Crit Series – Haarlem - Netherlands - Click Here
PMG Italian Fixed Cup: Fiorino Crit - Firenze, Italy - Click Here

NL Crit Series – Kralingen - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Click Here
Bone Machine Crit - Portland, USA - Click Here
National Moutarde Crit - Dijon, France - Click Here
Project Fixed – God Save the Cyclist - Torino, Italy Click Here
Project Fixed – Ursus Criterium - Trieste, Italy Click Here

NL Crit Series – Draai van de Kaai - Roosendaal, Netherlands Click Here
Zuri Crit - Zurich, Switzerland Click Here
NL Crit Series – Zwanenburg - Amsterdam, Netherlands Click Here
SBSB Crit - Berlin, Germany Click Here


PMG Italian Fixed Cup: Coppa Agostoni - Lissone, Italy Click Here
NL Crit Series – Amsterdam Ortelius Crit - Amsterdam, Netherlands Click Here
Criterium dei Ponti - Milan, Italy Click Here
Brussels City Crit - Belgium Click Here
Ullmax Radsporttage Fixed Crit - Loitz, Germany Click Here
NL Crit Series – Finale - Netherlands Click Here