Track Cycling Training - Build Muscle


Do you want to build a physique like the guys on the front of Mens Health & Fitness magazines? Let us help you achieve that look in record time. A number of the guys you see throughout our website have been cover models for Mens Health or Mens Fitness and they're chosen brand is Reflex. Our close working relationship with such athletic models has enabled us to give you the essential fail safe training and dietary steps they use to get in shape and stay in shape 365 days a year!

Step 1 : Train 5 times a week using a combination of weight training and aerobic training. In very simple terms you'll need to ensure your training focuses on building lean muscle tissue which will boost your metabolism.

Step 2 : Eat 6 meals a day which are high in protein. Ensure each meal contains healthy whole grain carbohydrates. Absolutely ensure that each meal provides healthy fats. The simplest way to do this is ensure you eat your 3 square meals each day, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Then supplement the remaining 3 meals with protein shakes, its very easy.

Step 3: Never miss the Golden Window of Opportunity. This is the time frame immediately after your workout that science says is without doubt the best time, the golden opportunity, to take a protein shake like Instant Whey or Micro Whey.

Step 4: Guarantee your body a daily supply of essential vitamins, minerals and fats. These are not always easy to obtain from your diet unless you really are eating your 5-6 portions of fresh fruit & vegetables. Even then there are no guarantees. Therefore we absolutely recommend the use of our state of the art multi vitamin called Nexgen. After which we recommend that you ensure you're eating some fish a few times a week or supplement with our high quality Krill Oil to ensure your body receives a first class source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Step 5: To speed up your fat loss you might want to consider using a fat loss supplement. A number are available from Reflex Nutrition. The most popular is our ThermoFusion product which contains the U.Ks most potent array of ingredients, another popular option is CLA. Please see our fat loss section for more details.