Track Cycling Training - Energy


As manufacturers of the most sophisticated energy and performance supplements in the market will come as no surprise to hear that Reflex Nutrition supply todays top performing athletes. If you are looking at this section we are assuming that you are after advice on how best to improve your energy levels in your sport, whether its football, cycling or running we will be able to provide you with a solution. We do not offer a specific training program; however here are our essential steps to elevating energy levels.

Step 1 : Eat 6 meals a day which are moderate in protein and high in complex carbohydrates. Absolutely ensure that each meal provides healthy fats. The simplest way to do this is ensure you eat your 3 square meals each day, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Then supplement the remaining 3 meals with protein and energy supplements, it is very easy.

Step 2: Never miss the a Golden Window of Opportunity. This is the time frame immediately after your training that science says is without doubt the best time, the golden opportunity, to take a protein and carbohydrate shake like Growth Matrix.

Step 3: Guarantee your body a daily supply of essential vitamins, minerals and fats. These are not always easy to obtain from your diet unless you really are eating your 5-6 portions of fresh fruit & vegetables. Even then there are no guarantees. Therefore we absolutely recommend the use of our state of the art multi vitamin called Nexgen. After which we recommend that you ensure you are eating some fish a few times a week or supplement with our high quality Krill Oil to ensure your body receives a first class source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Step 4: Try a supplement and see what a difference it can make. During strenuous sporting activity your body will be subject to large energy demands, dehydration, muscle damage, free radical damage and reduced immunity. Some energy drinks address some of these problems but few get close to addressing all of the demands placed on the body. At Reflex Nutrition we developed an energy product unlike any other on the market today, it is called The Edge and it covers every angle.