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Ernova is the compact bar that under its old name Ergonova came to set the bar for all-round comfort in every kind of riding.

Ernova’s egg-shaped top section provides a wider top surface for the hands, rolling through 180° at the bend into the forward extension to place the palms naturally on the brake hoods and ergonomic drops.

The drops flare out by 6°, so the bar’s width at the brake hoods is 16 mm narrower than the nominal bar size. This compact shape, designed for day-long comfort on the bike, has proved its worth with many thousands of happy customers.

Ernova Team Stealth has constant-thickness carbon fiber walls and can be fitted with 3T Clip Ons for added versatility

 Finish is 3T’s signature Stealth livery of UD Matte Black with Gloss Black graphics.

Weight:195 g (42 cm)
Width: 38, 40, 42, 44 cm
Clamp: 31.8 mm ∅
Material: Carbon-fiber
Drop: 123 mm
Reach: 77 mm
Finish: UD Matte Black
Certification: CEN

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