Correcting your Track Cycling Setup

The increase in technical bike-fit services has resulted in the task of choosing a correctly fitting Track Bike being vastly over-complicated.

If you are riding incorrectly fitting equipment you'll find your bike difficult to control and open yourself up to the huge potential for postural problems and injuries.

Velodrome Shop provide a simple guide to help you fix setup problems to give you a faster, safer and more comfortable Track Cycling experience. Even if you are comfortable with your setup, check out our guide to see what improvements you can make...


Using a saddle height (End of Crank to Saddle Rails) that equates to 109% of your inner leg measurement (groin to floor), is very popular in track cycling.

Obviously you still need to ensure that you can obtain the optimal power output so check the angle of your knee is still the correct 25 degrees at the bottom of each pedal stroke (legs at 6 o'clock on the cranks).

A saddle height level with the top of your Ilium bone in your hip when standing next to your Track Bike is quite popular for time trial events.

Don't rely on simply feeling comfortable either. If you have been pedalling at a much lower/higher saddle height than is optimal, it may feel awkward in the beginning when you change, as your body adapts (usually after five rides) the new position will feel more comfortable and improve your performance.


If your top tube measurement is too long for your height you will be over-stretched on your bike and you will quickly development pain in your upper back and in your shoulders. Numbness will also commonly radiate down your arms causing incredible discomfort on and off the bike.

If the top tube length is over two centimetres bigger than what you require for your height it is difficult to safely adapt your position, however you can start by following the below guide

REMEMBER: You are not Graeme Obree, your arms should be bent when positioned on the handlebar drops.

The Ideal Top Tube/Stem Length
If you are the correct height for your Track Bike frame then you will be using a 10cm stem. A rider 5ft10in/177.8cm with average arm length on a 54cm frame will have a 10cm stem, this means the combined Top Tube/Stem Length is 64cm. If you have shorter arms than average reduce your stem size by 1cm, do the opposite for longer arms.

If you are 5ft 10in with average arm length but on a 56cm, frame, simply adjust your stem length to obtain a combined length of correct frame size + correct stem size = 64cm.

The below photos show correct Track Cycling setups

The frame size and saddle height allow the body and legs to be at the optimal position for track cycling and power generation.

The arms are also slightly bent that generates a tighter setup, making the bike easy to control. The rider also has a more crouched position this is better for acceleration and aerodynamics